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Vish S


About Me

Vish S is an accomplished professional with a wealth of qualifications and 18 years of experience in property development, private treaty sales, financial management, analytics, and insights. Vish holds a degree in Engineering, an MBA, and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). He is also certified in Prince2 project management methodology and holds a Class 1 Real Estate License.

Vish excels in building strong relationships and effectively communicating with clients. He understands the importance of establishing trust and rapport, ensuring client needs are understood and addressed. Vish strives to provide tailored solutions that exceed expectations by actively listening and engaging in open dialogue.

With his background in financial management and analytics and his CPA qualification, Vish offers clients a comprehensive approach to real estate transactions. He leverages his financial acumen and analytical skills to provide valuable insights and guidance, empowering clients to make informed decisions and maximize their investments.

Vish’s experience in analytics and insights equips him with the ability to analyze market trends, property data, and investment opportunities. He has a keen eye for identifying potential risks and opportunities, helping clients make strategic decisions that align with their goals. By providing valuable insights and data-driven recommendations, Vish ensures that his clients are well-informed throughout the process.

As a family man, Vish understands the unique needs of clients with families. He recognizes the importance of finding properties that provide a comfortable and nurturing environment for loved ones.

Vish’s dedication, qualifications, and 18 years of experience in the industry make him an exceptional professional. With his expertise in property development, financial management, analytics and insights, and commitment to client satisfaction, Vish is well-prepared to provide unparalleled service and guidance.